10 Years Experience

    Adaptive problem solver, strategic thinker delivers tailored, innovative and creative solutions appropriate to the industry and audience.

    Design Leadership

    Build user centric design teams, culture and methods. Work with executives, stakeholders and clients to zero in on optimal solutions.

    Product Management

    Generate ideas, define MVP and roadmap. Direct cross functional and agile teams. Juggle axes and herd cats. Work across silos to GSD!


    I am a proficient design leader and creative manager based in San Francisco with a specialty in UX. I have been directing teams using collaborative and agile (iterative, incremental) methods for over 8 years. I keep the end goal in sight, mind the details and work within evolving constraints to achieve success. I believe in inspiring excellence through example, in helping others discover and achieve their best. I bring energy, determination and endless curiosity to each pursuit. My design inspiration comes from the real world, not just the screen. When I’m not advocating for usability or creating user interfaces, my other interests include: motorcycles, travel, yoga, cooking and triathlons.

    "Peter combines a wealth of design knowledge with leadership skills, drawing inspired contributions from the team. He's a savvy experience and product design leader who enables projects to reach or exceed their goals. Peter educates and motivates using participatory methods, facilitating genuine improvement in an incremental and measured manner."


    Any questions?


    • Jun, 16

      is GIF the new Snapchat?

      Recently some friends at Tenor asked for my help in reimagining GIF creation. The question: how can users create awesome GIFs on their mobile device?. Below is a prototype, and here you can view the entire 27 page PDF.

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      Feb, 23

      Senior Manager of User Experience for Samsung+

      I directed a team of 8 designers for a complete overhaul of Samsung+, the most popular Samsung app in the US market with over 20m users. I helped reorganize the product design process, introducing lean methods and user research. I worked on high visibility initiatives including: text chat, a nationwide premium care service offering, and design for Samsung’s first chatbot.

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    • Apr, 21

      Head of Design for Swiss FinTech Startup

      I joined Etops to jumpstart efforts to establish definition and process for design of the company’s first cloud based SaaS product, a B2B investment platform for professional wealth managers. They had vision and a deep understanding of the industry, but needed help with design best practices. As a member of the executive team, working closely with the founders and the Head of Technology, I made significant headway on strategic initiatives, including: product definition, design process and rebranding.

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      Jan, 20

      Principal UX Architect for a growing mobile agency

      As Principal UX Architect at Mobiquity (a mobile agency with ~450 employees and 12 offices in 4 countries), I pitched and won work, served as the primary liaison for clients and led my own creative team of 6-10. This case study presents highlights, including: Human Longevity Inc, Taco Bell, TOM’s and Keenan.

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    • Jan, 19

      Adobe Design Challenge

      A business known as Global-Corp has recently taken a charitable initiative to help more children learn history. To accomplish this goal Global-Corp has donated a smartphone to every child within a given school, and equipped the smartphone with a time traveling app.

      Design an app to facilitate hands-on learning for children aged 10-12 by allowing them to travel through time and space.

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      Oct, 30

      Using Sketch for Vector Illustration: Guitars, Unicorns and Swiss Army Knives

      This case study highlights my vector based illustration and visual design skills. It took me ~5 hours to create this illustration of my newest guitar: the Yamaha NTX700. It also gave me a chance to dust off my Wacom tablet 🙂 You can scroll down to see the artwork, or read on for some narrative […]

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